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The Real Hidden Brain

In the opinion of the author, John Beiswenger, Shankar Vedantam's book, The Hidden Brain, suggests you are nothing more than a puppet with your hidden brain pulling the strings.

Shankar Vedantam says, "No matter how much you learn about the hidden brain, you will never feel it manipulating you."

Beiswenger counters: "We are not manipulated by any hidden brain nor by our spiritual brain, for that matter. We are not manipulated at all. Our actions are those controlled by our physical brain, supported by the memory in our soul. In other words, we are responsible for our actions, contrary to the myth promoted in The Hidden Brain."

New Science

No, this 100-page book, The Real Hidden Brain, is not just a criticism of Shankar Vedantam's false concept. Yes, you have a hidden brain, but no, your hidden brain is not solely responsible for how you "elect presidents, control markets, wage wars and save lives" as suggested by Shankar Vedantam, because it is you who are responsible for your decisions and actions.

The New Science, explained in The Real Hidden Brain, will show you how false Shankar Vedantam's concept truly is. For example. you will learn you are a three-part (tripartite) being, with a physical brain, a spiritual brain (the real hidden brain), both with a common soul. When physically conscious, you are focused entirely on the physical aspects of your existence, able to recall memories from your soul (yes, from your soul) where they are stored indefinitely. Your spiritual brain, functioning in a timeless state, can place thoughts into your common memory, in your soul, available to you only as intuitions. Your spiritual brain can instantly recognize a situation, search your entire memory, also instantly, and in doing so perhaps refresh your common memory of the mistakes you have made, which you may or may not want to make again. These "mistake" memories surface as intuitions which might be better called temptations. You, as a tripartite being, are ultimately responsible for your actions, not your hidden brain. The devil did not make you do it, as comedian Flip Wilson used to claim.

Shankar Vedantam's book, The Hidden Brain, is giving its readers information that is wrong and misleading. Maybe Shankar Vedantam's hidden brain made him do it.